GRAYLING — On Monday night, Oct. 29, AuSable Martial Arts Academy held an Anti-Bullying Seminar at its center at 214 Huron Street in Grayling.

Former police officer and Tae Kwon Do instructor, Matt Morgan, talked with kids and their parents about bullying. They discussed what bullying was, how it can affect both the person being bullied and the person doing the bullying, and ways of dealing with it.

Matt says he teaches martial arts to help the children gain confidence, not to encourage fighting. Confidence is the most proactive way to prevent bullying, according to Matt.

For more information about AuSable Martial Arts Academy or upcoming seminars, contact Matt Morgan at (270) 562-2107 or

(Watch for our interview with Matt Morgan in an upcoming story.)

Michael Andrew King II shared his experiences being bullied and how learning Taekwondo has given him confidence with dealing with bullies.
Instructor Matt Morgan talks about what bullying is and how to use non-violent ways to deal with it.


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