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1,000 Bibles Given at Heavy Metal Fest


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A Christian ministry of heavy metal rockers distributed 1,000 Bibles during the biggest rock and metal festival in Europe.

Members of Metal Mission went to the annual Hellfest in Clisson, France to share the good news with fellow heavy metal music enthusiasts. The rock festival was held from June 17 to 26 and throughout the seven-day shindig, Metal Mission gave away Bibles as they shared their testimonies of Jesus and the gospel to attendees, reports Evangelical Focus.

…the evangelization of unreached people, who often believe they are disqualified from the faith because of the music they listen to, but who are open to spiritual questions because those questions are part of this style of music. —Metal Mission

The rocker evangelists handed about a thousand Metal Bible, a special Bible edition containing the New Testament and life stories of celebrities who accepted Jesus as their savior. Metal Mission organized a fundraising event to be able to buy the Bibles and they received $4,000 (€3,850), more than what they needed.

According to its website, Metal Mission is composed of 20 people who are not only passionate about heavy metal music, but with Jesus as well. Their goal is “the evangelization of unreached people, who often believe they are disqualified from the faith because of the music they listen to, but who are open to spiritual questions because those questions are part of this style of music.”

Members of the ministry go to Hellfest every year to introduce their initiative and share the gospel with other heavy metal and rock music lovers. They also work with local churches so new Christians will have a place to nurture their faith.

The testimonies in the Metal Bible include the story of Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch who became a Christian in 2005. He left the band in the same year and released his debut Christian album in 2008. He admitted to being addicted to drugs and alcohol before being introduced to the Christian faith. Following his conversion, he flew to India and launched Head Home, an orphanage for India’s refugees.

“Throughout all of my life I have always had a heart for people that are hurting especially those that have no one to help them,” said Welch. “My eyes have been opened to children on the street and I feel like for me that is who I want and need to help.”

Another testimony is of Iron Maiden’s Nicko McBrain. The band’s drummer converted to Christianity in 1999, following a phenomenal experience of Jesus’ calling. In an interview with heavy metal news website, Blabbermouth, McBrain told his conversion story.

During a Sunday service, ” I swear that God and Jesus pushed me, and I kept moving forward as though I was being pushed over,” he shared. “I couldn’t feel anything. And this is the God’s honest truth — I thought, ‘I haven’t had a drink. I’m not in a hangover here.’ I felt his presence. And right there and then, I gave my heart to God, and I asked Jesus in my life.”

He’s been with Iron Maiden since 1982. “To still be able to be in such a great band, where people think we’re demonic or Satanic, most people that know and have a modicum of sense and intelligence know that not to be true,” he pointed out.

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