Photo courtesy of Nancy Hatfield, Grayling, Mich.


By the late Pastor Bob Moody

In frontier days folks did not have different calibers of rifles for different game animals. They used one musket and loaded it with the same size projectile for everything. The only thing they could change was the velocity of the musket ball.

They did this by using a more powerful or less powerful powder charge. If you were going squirrel hunting you used a much less powerful charge than you did for deer.

This was all well and good if you exactly where and what you were hunting. A hunter could quickly find himself in serious trouble if he ran into a bear when he was loaded for squirrel.

It was wisdom to load with the most powerful charge if you were going hunting where bears were present. Hence the term, “loaded for bear.”

Followers of Christ have a lot of common with those early hunters. Each day we face unknown challenges. Thankfully most days are pretty easy. However, wisdom dictates we go out each day “loaded for bear.”

We need to take time each day to prepare for the worst. Our prayers in the morning need not only seek God’s blessing, but to prepare us and give us strength to face whatever we may encounter.

“Lord, if this day I will face personal tragedy, give me the courage and faith to face it to your glory regardless of how it may be.” This is not a bad prayer to the Father each morning.

It’s not morbid – it’s just being wise. If you’re going down the path to hunt squirrels while “loaded for bear” it may sound a little silly – unless you meet a bear.

Today may be the day the devil makes a special target out of me. I need to be ready for him. If nothing happens, then nothing happens, but if something does then … I think you get my meaning.

Lord, I have no idea what today will bring. Obviously you do. Prepare me for whatever is coming and keep me “loaded for bear.”


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