By the late Pastor Bob Moody

Where I live we have a little creature called the weasel. During the summer months, he is a mottled brown color that keeps him quite well hidden from his enemies. In the winter he turns snow white except for the tip of his tail which is pitch black. I have always wondered why the Lord arranged for this little guy’s tail to be that way. A few years ago I found out.

Even though the weasel is white during winter (he’s also called an ermine in the winter), it is still easy for birds of prey to see him moving across snow-covered fields. Rarely are these raptors ever able to score a weasel. They focus on his black tail tip and apparently think it is the tip of his nose. Consequently, when they dive after him, they always end up behind him. They chase his tail and lose. Pretty cool for the weasel, eh?

If those birds ever learn to dive in front of that black spot, instead of behind it, the weasel population is in for a drastic reduction. We can learn a lesson from those birds because most of us are just like them. When we see a problem, we are usually seeing the tail end of the problem, not the head. We focus on the tail and always end up missing the mark.

Let me explain. Divorce is at an all-time high in our country. Countless hours and millions of dollars are spent trying to heal the fall-out of divorce. Very few people see that our best efforts would spent on building strong marriage foundations.

In our personal lives, we spend hours in agonizing prayer and repentance over a temper we can’t control, never thinking that perhaps unforgiveness is the cause of the out of control temper.

I’m not trying to oversimplify things. It is a principle which we need to remember. Find out for sure what the cause of the problem is. Don’t respond to what you see.

The answer is rarely so simple. It goes against our grain to look for what is invisible. Like those hawks and owls, we want to go after what appears to be the real thing and usually end up with a face full of snow or something a bit more smelly! You think about it.

Father, You can see all things. Help me to see things as they really are, not just as they appear.

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Kurt J. Kolka grew up in the small community of Grayling, Mich., near the forested AuSable River. After majoring in English at college, he began a career in writing and newspapers spanning more than two decades. In his spare time he creates a Christian comic strip, The Cardinal, which has a 28-year history of publication. He has also authored a book, “Bullying is No Laughing Matter” (Front Edge Publications, Ann Arbor, Mich., 2014) and is working on his first novel. Kurt and his wife Diane have been married for more than 25 years and have one daughter, Rebekah, and an overprotective dog, Alli. Of life, Kurt says, “Life is never dull with God at the steering wheel, but, man, does He have a lead foot!” More about Kurt and his musings may be found at


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