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Devotions for the Outdoors


Devotions for the Outdoors (2019-01-16)

NO SKYBUSTING By the late Pastor Bob Moody The little boy was out early one morning in the blind with his father. They were waiting for...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2019-01-09)

TWO TREES – ONE MISSION By the late Pastor Bob Moody When I came to my church 22 years ago, there was an oak tree and...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2018-12-17)

DON'T MOVE UNTIL THE FISH ARE IN THE BOAT By the late Rev. Bob Moody Years ago, I went fishing with my Uncle O.H. That's right,...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2018-12-12)

SOME PEOPLE GIVE THEIR WORRIES SWIMMING LESSONS INSTEAD OF DROWNING THEM By the late Rev. Bob Moody As much as some people hate to admit it,...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2018-12-5)

IF YOU CHASE TWO RABBITS, BOTH WILL ESCAPE By the late Pastor Bob Moody It's the truth. If you try to chase two bunnies, they will...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2018-11-27)

IF A TREE FALLS ... By the late Pastor Moody One of the dumber questions I've ever heard put forth is the one that asks, “If...

Devotions for the Outdoors (2018-11-12)

YOU CAN'T EAT ANTLERS There are different kinds of deer hunters. There are the few hunters who hunt for antlers only. They pass on smaller...


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