(Courtesy photo by Rachel Smith)

GRAYLING — Paddlers Andrew Triebold and Steve Lavoie added their 11th win in the AuSable Canoe marathon on Sunday.

Following them were Guillaume Blais and Samuel Frigon, 2nd; Chris Issendorf and Pete Mead, 3rd; Mike Davis and Shane McDowell, 4th; Graham Smith and Matt Meersman, 5th; Wesley Dean and Kyle Stonehouse, 6th; Eric Gagnon and Serge Page, 7th; Nick Walton and Weston Willoughby, 8th; Logan Mynar and Kyle Mynar, 9th; Daniel Medina and Matt Gabriel Jr., 10th.

Doug Gillin (who the NMCV reported on last week) and partner Mike Garon came 37th, losing the Senior Division to Seth Miller and Stephan Miller. For video of the beginning of the race, go to https://www.facebook.com/nmichchristianvoice/videos/2393733464197574/

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