A defector from North Korea revealed the appalling techniques the government use to instill lies about Christianity to young children.

Using the pseudonym John Choi, he disclosed that authorities teach Christianity as evil and this indoctrination starts very early in a citizen’s life, reports UK online newspaper Daily Express.

In an article published in Open Doors USA, Choi wrote that at nursery school, kids are taught that the Kim dynasty must be revered and honored. The family is believed to be all-mighty and possesses magical powers, such as the ability to “catch a double rainbow with one hand.”

Teachers follow a biased school curriculum that is filled with propaganda against Jesus and Christianity. Children learn that the cross is the symbol of the devil and Christianity is “an evil, American religion.” They are also taught to bow before the pictures of their leaders Kim Il-Sung, Kim Jong-Il, and now, Kim Jong-Un.

To brainwash the young students, films, musicals, paintings, and cartoons revolve around how missionaries are a bad influence in North Korean society. Choi shared a story from a textbook which scared him when he was growing up.

He said, “A boy lived with his mother in a village in Korea. One day, he was carrying firewood from a mountain. He was passing by a missionary man’s apple orchard. All of a sudden, a strong wind blew through the orchard and apples dropped on the ground. The boy picked up an apple, and the missionary man saw it. He yelled at the boy and called him a robber. As punishment, the man also tied the young boy up and used chemical acid on the boy’s forehead to burn in the word ‘robber.’ The boy died because of the acid.”

Choi said North Korean children are brought up in this world of lies so they will hate Christianity and love the ruling party. They are even forced to clean monuments of the Kim dynasty—there are about 30,000 to 50,000 monuments all over the country.

Despite the worrisome condition of how North Korea teaches hate to children, Choi is hopeful that the truth will prevail and kids will learn the truth about Christianity, reports Pulse NG.

Choi said escapees could still disseminate information through smuggled USB drives and foreign radio broadcasts. “More parents are coming to faith, and when the children are old enough, they will hear about the Bible and the Gospel,” he wrote.

Daily Express
Pulse NG

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