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Walking for victims of COVID-19


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GRAYLING — Members  the Grayling Baptist Church walking from Gaylord to Grayling, while carrying a cross, to raise money for victims of COVID-19, not just those who suffered from the virus, but also those lost jobs and faced other hardships.

“We’re excited,” says Pastor Dave Longstaff of the church. “We will be leaving from Burger King at the south end of Gaylord and walking down Old 27. We will be leaving Saturday, June 13 at 5 a.m. to reach our church on the south end of Grayling.”

The walkers have a goal of raising $5,000 to help people locally who have been affected by the virus in some way.

“We are very excited to be able to do something which will benefit our community,” says Ben Geyer, another of the church’s walkers.

“You know Jesus carried His cross to bear the burdens we all carried,” explains Nick Kreitner. “This pandemic has placed heavy burdens on all of us. So, we are carrying this cross as a symbol of helping to bear each others’ burdens during this time.” 

Grayling Baptist Church has also been helping out by bringing in a food truck every Thursday to assist those ending food in the area. Everyone is welcome to participate in this.

To donate to the walk, go to to donate and assist local families.

Grayling Baptist church is located at 705 Madsen Street. There will be celebration at 8 p.m. following the walk. All are invited. Donations will still be accepted at that time.

Kurt Kolka
Kurt Kolka
Kurt J. Kolka grew up in the small community of Grayling, Mich., near the forested AuSable River. After majoring in English at college, he began a career in writing and newspapers spanning more than two decades. In his spare time he creates a Christian comic strip, The Cardinal, which has a 28-year history of publication. He has also authored a book, “Bullying is No Laughing Matter” (Front Edge Publications, Ann Arbor, Mich., 2014) and is working on his first novel. Kurt and his wife Diane have been married for more than 25 years and have one daughter, Rebekah, and an overprotective dog, Alli. Of life, Kurt says, “Life is never dull with God at the steering wheel, but, man, does He have a lead foot!” More about Kurt and his musings may be found at

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